Spa Maintenance

Keeping your backyard oasis sparkling & stress-free

Spa Maintenance
Services We Provide

Call in to customize your service package. We can either send you the supplies or come and do the work for you.

  • Automatic shipment three times per year for
    Frog @Ease systems


  • Monthly water testing and balancing as needed
    (chemicals included)
  • Monthly replacing the chlorine cartridge (or equivalent
    for hot tubs without Frog @Ease system)
  • Monthly cleaning the filter
  • Monthly vacuum of the spa to remove collected dirt
  • Replace the filter as needed
  • Replace the mineral cartridge three times per year (or
    equivalent for hot tubs without Frog @Ease system)
  • Empty, clean, and refill the unit three times per year
  • No dispatch fees for Bullfrog warranty calls

Choose Your Spa Maintenance Package

GOLD - We do all the work

$199 per month, one year-agreement required + $50 for more than 20 miles from 158 Toddy Drive

SILVER - We provide everything

$179 per shipment, free shipping