The Price of Composite Decking vs Wood

December 6, 2019

When you’re designing a dream deck, one of the first questions you need to answer is which material will I use: wood or composite. Comparing composite vs wood decking is the main decision that homeowners make when planning and pricing their outdoor space.

At the up-front point of purchase, a wood deck is somewhat less of an investment than composite decking. Generally, we say that composite deck projects cost approximately $5,000 dollars more than a wooden deck of the same size. However, composite has numerous practical advantages that make it the leading decking material. Read our blog as we dig into the price of composite decking vs wood — as well as the advantages of the modern material.

Benefits of Composite Decking

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Composite decking blends both wood — often wood fibers— and plastic, usually in polymer form. This gives the boards a look akin to lumber backed with all of the durability of a 21st century material.

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While the pinch to the wallet is not as severe when purchasing a purely wooden deck, it could be followed by multiple pinches later on. Many deck owners believe that one coat of sealant is sufficient to ward off water damage — this is a mistake. Sealant can lose its effectiveness after three or four years, requiring re-application on a regular basis. Not only is that costly, but it’s time consuming too.

A second drawback to wood is fading, as the deck begins to lose its original hue. Those who prize their wooden deck for its appearance must then apply brightener — not a giant purchase but a time-consumer — to restore its color. Beyond that, wood is sometimes known to rot, especially around handrails and other areas that are hard to seal. The wood must then be replaced and resealed. Considering these realities, the price of composite decking vs wood is not as clear cut a proposition.

The overall price of composite decking vs wood looks different when buyers consider the durability of the former. Composite materials defy rot, mold, cracking, discoloration and other conditions common with wood. Savings on fixing such problems can add up. All composite calls for is an occasional cleaning with water and soap. Also, containing elements of wood, composite decks look very much like it. This gives the visual appeal of wood without the headaches. Better still, composites are often environmentally favorable in that they contain recycled matter. Composite decking vs wood cost weighs differently when these facts are accounted for.

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So, while composite costs more upfront, it pays you back over the years by always looking gorgeous and never needing maintenance.

Introducing the TimberTech Edge

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While the standard price of composite decking vs wood has traditionally favored wood, there’s a new development on the market that will change things. New technology now aids in the question of composite decking vs wood cost.

TimberTech Edge is a new engineered composite that retains all the benefits while reducing the price of composite decking. Advanced materials and streamlined manufacturing translates into lower prices from the start. TimberTech Edge is making headlines as it is approximately the same price as wooden decking. It boasts all of the same maintenance-free benefits as any other line of composite — the only downside is that because it’s new, the color options are limited.

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Work with Keystone to Build Your Dream Composite Deck

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Now that you have an honest look at the price of composite decking vs wood you might be ready to get started designing and building your dream deck. If that’s the case, Keystone Custom Decks is here to help.

We’re the luxury deck builder that primarily uses composite decking to craft stunning upscale spaces. We’d love to work with you to bring your space to life. The first step is an in-home consultation with one of our deck design specialists. Reach out today to start the conversation — and schedule now!

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