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Curved TimberTech Deck / Techo Bloc Patio – Baldwin, MD

TimberTech Tigerwood Composite Decks

Along with a beautiful Keystone Custom Deck, consider under deck storage, outdoor kitchen, fire pits, or patio options.

Made to endure long-term heavy use, paver patios bring a beautiful design and style to your backyard.

It’s hard to deny the timeless appeal of paver patios. Since the paver pieces are individually placed, complicated designs can be created with ease.

  • ID: 301
  • Decking Manufacturer: TimberTech
  • Decking Color: Tigerwood
  • Decking Size: 767
  • Patio Type: Techo Bloc
  • Patio Color: Sandlewood
  • Patio Size: 2538
  • Masonry Type: Stonecraft
  • Masonry Color: Tennessee Ledgestone
  • Price Range: $210,000 - $225,000
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