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Custom Amazon Mist TimberTech Deck / Timber Frame Pergola – Elizabethtown, PA

TimberTech Amazon Mist Composite Decks

It’s not often you see a project quite like this! Beautifully constructed, the pergola definitely steals the show and is the main focal point in this project. The contrast between the pop of unfinished Douglas fir wood of the pergola, Amazon Mist decking, and PA stone craft veneer columns, is breathtaking! The stone columns have a slate top that finishes it off smoothly. This project is a beauty and provides a wonderful outdoor living oasis for these stylish homeowners!

  • ID: 229
  • Decking Manufacturer: TimberTech
  • Decking Color: Amazon Mist
  • Decking Size: 681 Sq Ft.
  • Price Range: $70,000 - $80,000
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