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Custom Retractable Azek Pool Deck – Berwyn, PA

Azek Mountain Redwood Composite/Vinyl Decks

This Deck is a little special and not one we at Keystone typically seek to build. All the credit for the idea goes to the homeowner who had the vision for the retractable deck-covered pool.

We at Keystone had the privilege and slightly daunting task to make this dream come to reality and at the end of the day success was met for both us and the homeowner.

The deck over the pool remains closed when not in use and serves a lounge space, but when the time comes to swim just a flip of the switch and the automated platforms slides back exposing the plunge pool! See more pool deck options in Berwyn, PA.

  • ID: 299
  • Patio Type: Flagstone
  • Decking Color: Mountain Redwood
  • Decking Manufacturer: Azek
  • Decking Sq Ft: 512
  • Price Range: $100,000 - $150,000

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