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Poolside Struxure Pergola / Azek Deck – Chester Springs, PA

Azek English Walnut Composite/Vinyl Decks

We build decks for all aspects of life to will enhance your outdoor living space. We can design a deck around your specific requirements, needs, or an inspirational dream. Our unique detailing shows in the qualities that make the end product as functional as it is beautiful. You will have a custom deck that you helped design for years of enjoyment.

Pergolas and arbors have been used to create, accent, and define outdoor spaces. While the actual terms “pergola” and “arbor” and their definitions have been used somewhat interchangeably since ancient times, their functions have remained unchanged, whether for providing a shaded space on hot days or for improving visual intrigue by adding hints of room-like structure to empty outdoor spaces.

  • ID: 403
  • Decking Manufacturer: Azek
  • Decking Color: English Walnut
  • Decking Sq Ft: 652
  • Masonry Type: Rolling Rock
  • Masonry Color: Mountain Fieldstone
  • Total Sq Ft: 652
  • Price Range: $150,000 - $200,000

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