Deck Pergola Ideas and Designs

July 12, 2018

Want to enhance your design for a stunning composite deck? Then these dynamite deck pergola ideas are for you. Bringing style and shade, pergolas are a classic outdoor living accessory that are a beloved staple of backyards across America.

Check out the most popular ways a pergola can enhance your outdoor space — and explore some of our most gorgeous deck pergola designs.

Different Style Deck Pergolas

As we mentioned, custom pergolas create a distinct and stylish presence while making your outdoor space all the more comfortable. Here are some of the most interesting — and distinct — ways we’ve used pergolas when crafting custom deck designs.

Dominant Pergola Designs

Highlight the custom-built pergola as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Practically covering the entire outdoor space, this deck pergola design also blankets the outdoor space in comfortable shade — a major plus on those scorching summer days.

deck with custom  built pergola

Accent Pergolas

While some pergolas standout as the star of the show, accent pergolas function as a stylish accessory. Some of our designs use accent pergolas as a way to match and pull out certain colors throughout the design. Other accent pergolas are in a unique shape that captures your visitors’ attention.

accent pergola on deck

Observe how this wedge-shaped accent pergola shades a portion of the deck, while highlighting the bright white of the lattice and trim.

Contrast Pergolas

While the clean uninterrupted lines of a deck are undeniably striking, sometimes they can look a bit stylistically monotonous. That’s why a popular deck pergola idea involves using a custom vinyl pergola to contrast the deck surface.

custom vinyl pergola on deck

Notice the way the pergola adds an extra dimension onto the flat deck and hardscape combo. While the tigerwood-colored space is undeniably gorgeous, without the pergola the space might look a bit repetitive. However, with the benefit of the pergola, it’s a true showpiece through-and-through.

Privacy Pergolas

When you want your backyard to truly be your oasis, a privacy pergola is just what you need. By unfurling the wrap-around sides of the pergola you can create a totally hidden escape right in your backyard.

This practical benefit is one of the best and most popular reasons to start investigating deck pergola designs for your outdoor living project.

privacy pergola on deck

When open, this pergola provides shade and color coordination to the white railing. With the shades drawn, it shrouds the sitting area in total privacy.

Pergolas as an Alternative to Covered Deck or Porch

Feeling inspired by these pergola deck ideas? Fantastic. Pergolas are a celebrated accessory to most decks because they provide both a practical improvement along with an aesthetic flair.

Another reason that pergolas are a popular deck accessory is that they provide many of the benefits of a porch or covered deck — at a lower price. Think about it, just like a pergola, a porch offers shade and privacy while adding a distinct feature onto your outdoor space.

In fact, when budget or space is a limitation, we often recommend potential clients explore some of our deck and pergola combo designs. Explore our full project gallery to see countless examples of stunning decks accentuated with custom pergolas.

Start Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you want to build a screened-in porch, a deck with a pergola, or another dream outdoor living space, Keystone Custom Decks is the team to work with. We are the deck, porch, and patio builders that love to tackle massive projects and make one-of-a-kind dream spaces come to life.

We begin every project by creating a full-3D rendering of your current home accompanied by the proposed deck or porch addition — all before you sign the contract. This ensures that you get to see your ideas laid out before work begins. If you’re ready to take the next step toward your outdoor living dreams, contact us today.

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