Deck vs. Patio: Which is Right for You?

July 30, 2018

When designing your once-in-a-lifetime outdoor space, one of the biggest choices you need to make is deck vs patio. When deciding between these two styles of outdoor living you need to consider the aesthetic you like, your backyard dimensions and much more.

timbertech deck and a techo-bloc paver patio

Learn about choosing a deck vs. patio, see some gorgeous examples of both, and explore our best-of-both-worlds combo designs!

Deck vs. Patio: Deciding Factors

Before you start planning all of your outdoor living accessories and finishing touches, you need to finalize your foundation. Comparing composite decking vs concrete patios is where many Keystone Custom Deck customers started. Here are the three most important factors to consider:

Backyard Elevation

One of the most important factors in whether you end up with a deck or a patio is the elevation from the rear door to the ground. If your back door is low to the ground, a patio will be your best choice, since you’d have to invest money in excavating to be able to install a deck. On the other hand, if your backdoor is high off the ground, you’re probably better off with a deck.

custom deck and porch in Springfield PA

However, some homeowners have backyards with the perfect elevation to incorporate either a deck or patio — or both!

Stone vs Wood Look

Another factor in helping you choose between a deck vs patio is the stylistic difference between the materials. Composite decking and concrete or stone patios both look gorgeous, but very different. If you prefer the naturalistic look of wood, a composite deck is for you. However, if you love the clean hue of stone, a patio will satisfy.

timbertech deck and flagstone patio combo in Lancaster PA

Learn more about matching your deck to your house color.

Project Budget

Homeowners often wonder if decking is cheaper than a patio — and there isn’t a clear answer to give them. The price of any outdoor living project depends on much more than the material used. With this being said, we often see that patios and decks come with a comparable price tag.

deck and porch in Lititz PA

However, if your project has a fairly large budget, you can create an exciting patio and deck combo. This allows you to build a space that incorporates the best of both worlds — on one story or two.

Deck and Patio Combo Ideas

When comparing decks vs patios, remember, you can choose both. If you have two fantastic options laid out before you, the greatest luxury is not having to decide between them. At Keystone Custom Decks, we often build stunning deck and patio combos.

Custom Deck and Patio Installers

We always say the best answer to the deck vs. patio question is BOTH! Whether you want to add a deck, hardscape or both onto your property, Keystone Custom Decks is the team to bring your project from concept to fruition.

We begin every project with a full-3D rendering of your proposed project, to help you visualize your unique outdoor space, before work begins. If you want to discuss your options and help finalize your vision for a dream deck and patio contact us today.

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