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7 Ways to Make Your Porch the Perfect Hosting Space 1

7 Ways to Make Your Porch the Perfect Hosting Space

If you are getting ready to create a new backyard living space centered around a porch, then we know how excited you are to start…

skyvue outdoor tv

SkyVue Outdoor TV: The Perfect Addition to Your Deck

It’s the perfect day to sit on your deck and soak up the sun — BUT your favorite team is playing, too. Tough choice —…

built-in deck seating

Decked Out: Built-in Deck Seating, Grills, & Other Add-Ons

The custom touches you build into your outdoor space make it your own. Not only will your design truly be one-of-a-kind but it’ll also be…

deck seating

Porch and Deck Seating Options

While you might spend more time planning your deck’s color scheme or sense of style, porch and deck seating options are a key element of…

Outdoor Living Trends for 2019 2

Outdoor Living Trends for 2019

While the season’s first snow may have just blanketed the East Coast, deck designers and savvy homeowners already have summer of 2019 on their minds…

deck decorations

11 Deck Decorations for Your Outdoor Living Space

Deck decorations are the best way to add another touch of personality to your custom-built outdoor living space. Whether your deck décor is classic or…