Decks with Stone: Uses and Designs

August 9, 2018

Equipping decks with stone creates a truly one-of-a-kind look — and not surprisingly, this style is skyrocketing in popularity. Even in a neighborhood of standout luxury decks and porches, stonework can be the defining feature to set yours a step above.

A deck with stonework boasts a solid, permanent feel which pairs nicely with the ultra-long lifespan of composite decking. In addition, there is a certain elegance to be had from the introduction of this atypical but gorgeous building material.

6 Ways to Use Stone in Your Outdoor Living Design

While stone is a trending material in the world of outdoor living design, you can also feel assured that the elegant stone will be timeless, always attractive and always in-style. In the hands of a skilled designer, stone is a versatile building material and a thrilling aesthetic tool. Here are 6 ways decks with stone often incorporate the material into the design:

1. Outdoor Kitchen Area

Once upon a time, dropping a grill onto your deck constituted as an outdoor kitchen. Today, our designs are a little more sophisticated. Outdoor kitchens often include all of the features of an indoor kitchen permanently molded into the deck. A bank of stonework is one of the most common ways to build an outdoor kitchen — and a way to incorporate stone decking into your design.

2. Column for Lights or Posts

Perimeter lighting adds another stylistic dimension onto your outdoor living space. Mounting your ornamental lighting fixtures onto stone columns is an increasingly popular way to make two aesthetic statements at once.

3. Stone Accent Wall

Just like an accent wall on the inside of your home, an exterior accent wall enhances your design with a standalone spark of color. Stone accent walls incorporated into deck work often place a half wall or a full wall up against the home itself, adding the accent stone without adding any weight.

4. Columns for Two-Story Deck

One of the most ambitious ways to build decks with stone, two-story outdoor living structures are often constructed with stone columns extending from the ground floor to the second story. In these staggering projects, the stone decking often serves a practical purpose of providing support as well as conferring numerous stylistic benefits.

5. Stone Perimeter

Whether your stone perimeter functions as a retaining wall or just as a decoration, you’ll adore the distinct look. Stone perimeter walls are a popular addition to both decks and hardscapes — although once decks reach a certain elevation a perimeter wall is less practical.

6. Fireplace

One of the most exciting ways to use stone decking in your project is to craft a built-in fireplace. Whether covered or open, a standup stone fire feature often serves as the centerpiece of your space, a place where family and friends gather. Keystone Custom Decks almost always builds our stone fireplaces complete with waterproof televisions — to double your enjoyment!

Expert Stone Decking Contractor

While building decks with stone is becoming a dominant trend in outdoor design, only the most ambitious and most expert deck builders do it and do it well. At Keystone Custom Decks, we never back away from a challenge — if anything, we embrace it.

If your dream outdoor space comes with stone, we’ll make it a reality. As is the case with all of our projects, we provide a full-3D rendering of what your finished deck will look like, complete with your beloved stone decking features.

If you’re ready to start the conversation, contact us today.

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