Gorgeous 3D Deck and Porch Rendering

April 27, 2018

As they say, seeing is believing. When it comes to investing in your dream outdoor living space, you deserve to see every detail possible — before any boards are cut and the hammer is swinging. That’s why at Keystone Custom Decks we show every single client a full 3D rendering of their deck before they sign a contract. From how the hue of the deckboards matches the siding color of your home — to the exact profile of the railing system running along the staircase — our full 3D models render every detail, big and small.

Sure, sometimes surprises can be nice, like finding a $20 bill in a coat pocket. But when it comes to investing tens-of-thousands of dollars to build your exquisite outdoor living space, NOTHING should happen according to chance or come as a surprise.

Learn more about choosing the perfect deck and porch color scheme.

Discover the power of our 3D deck modeling — and explore our renderings side-by-side with their jaw-dropping finished projects.

The Keystone Custom Deck 3D Rendering Experience

Our 3D rendering puts homeowners in the driver’s seat when it comes to the planning stages of their deck, porch, or patio. Since implementing it a few years ago, it has become one of the most important assets we offer our customers.

When we show homeowners their 3D rendering, jaws drop and we hear oohs and ahhs, like we’re at a fireworks display. As every detail is laid out before their eyes, it’s like looking at a picture-perfect version of their house — just complete with the outdoor living space they’ve been dreaming about.

While our renderings are incredibly detailed, here are some of the most important features to pay attention to:

  • Deck board color
  • Color coordination between deck and house
  • Structural features like pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fire features, and more
  • The amount of open space on the deck for furniture/use
  • The transition between the deck and porch or deck and hardscape (if applicable)
  • The proposed landscaping ideas

Any and all of those features help you as the homeowner visualize what your outdoor living space will resemble when finished. Beyond just showing you a static 3D layout, we animate the entire project into a full-HD video. At Keystone Custom Decks, we take you on a cinematic tour of your property and soon-to-be outdoor living space, complete with swooping camera movements and up close detail on the features that matter most.

This is just one more way we ensure your final project meets your needs and exceeds your wildest expectations.

Before and After Examples of Keystone Custom Decks

These are the real examples of 3D renderings pulled from our archives alongside the gorgeous finished spaces throughout the East Coast.

Trex Island Mist & Vintage Lantern Composite Decks in West Chester, PA

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most ambitious spaces we’ve ever built, and the 3D rendering captured every detail. Observe how the rendering highlighted both distinct deck colors: the Island Mist and Vintage Lantern. Plus, check out how the complex features like the stone columns and towering fire feature are brought to life.

TimberTech Pecan Composite Deck in West Chester, PA

This project is a case study in how effective a Keystone rendering is when designing around another dominant feature — in this case, the swimming pool. We built our deck and covered outdoor space to augment the gorgeous in-ground pool. Our cinematic rendering not only illustrated the pecan-colored deckboards, but also how our design would complement the pool.

TimberTech Tigerwood Composite Deck in West Chester, PA

The more complex the proposed design, the more stunning the rendering. This 3D rendering showcases the color coordination of the tigerwood decking, the railing system, and the stone columns. In addition, the unique touches that make this project come to life, like the built-in grill and the jacuzzi are shown here in full detail!

The Outdoor Living Builder that Goes Above and Beyond

From the initial design consultation to unveiling your finished project, Keystone Custom Decks is committed to ensuring that the experience and outcome is nothing less than exceptional. Our 3D rendering service highlights that point. Using our deck design software, we design a full-HD rendering of your home complete with the outdoor living space of your dreams — all before you even sign.

That’s how committed we are to designing world-class outdoor living spaces — and to your complete satisfaction.

Ready to start the conversation? Contact us today to start discussing your dream outdoor living space.

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