Deck Color Schemes: From Classic to Bold

March 28, 2018

From reserved, classic beauty to a bold and modern style, your deck color scheme allows you to express your personality through the language of design. Beyond being the first thing people notice about your renovation, the deck colors you choose can help guide the rest of the design from the final layout to the accessories. In addition to being one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, choosing your deck colors is also one of the most exciting parts of designing your deck. If you’re looking for deck colors for a tan house, a white house, a grey house, or something else entirely, we’re here to help.

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Check out the most popular deck colors right now as well as classic design standbys that’ll always be in style. Learn more about today’s deck color trends as well as popular recommendations for different colored houses.

Popular Deck Color Trends

The complexity of your design, the color of your home siding, and your personal taste all work together to determine the perfect color for your deck. However, there are always prevailing stylistic trends to keep in mind as well. Right now in the 21st century, both traditional, complementary colors and vibrant hues and contrasts are popular. You’ll see new decks being built in both styles. Ultimately, current deck color schemes are guided by personal preference and complementing the deck as a whole.

The Keystone design philosophy takes both diverse deck color styles into account. Unless you’re set on something specific, we often recommend choosing two different deck color schemes: one that’s bold and one that’s traditional. From those two finalists, you pick your winner. Although it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, we’ve seen that more complicated layered projects tend to be better when designed in simple, even shades. On the other hand, a vibrant splash of color enhances a simpler structure and design.

Complex Design in a Simple Color

This complex deck is cast in elegantly simple Hazelwood Grey tones to closely match the home siding. If set with a splashier color, this multifaceted design might look too busy. The traditional complementary color allows the focus of the design to remain on the gorgeous and functional features, like the covered gazebo.

Basic Design in Vibrant Color

On the other hand, notice how the rich and wild Antigua gold color makes this simple design a true one-in-a-million standout. Without the eye-catching color, this deck wouldn’t possess the same distinctive charm.

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Deck Colors for a Tan House

Almond, tope, and other neutral-colored houses have a distinct and rich character. Whether the siding is made of panels or stucco, finding deck colors for a tan house can be somewhat challenging.

Matching a tan house with a deck from the tan color family doesn’t work. An exact match between tan siding and decking makes it seem like the siding materials run out onto the deck. Instead, great deck color schemes for tan houses involve implementing a deck in a complementary color such as a rich brown or pecan color.

See the way the stucco siding pairs beautifully with the luxurious pecan-colored deck boards and the wrought black railing system. The complementary brown and black shades enhance the stucco siding.

Deck Colors for a White House

Choosing a standout deck color for a white house is easy and carries huge potential to express your personality. Since classic-looking white makes almost any color pop, if you have a white house, the sky is the limit. If you prefer a more subdued deck color that will place emphasis on the features, light grey shades are a natural complementary choice. However, if you want to use bold colors to dazzle, you can select from color families including reds, deep-browns, and golds.

Deck Colors for a Grey House

Grey siding is becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern home design. As a result, modern decks for grey houses have become popular as well. Much like white houses, the most popular deck colors for grey houses can range significantly. While striking deck colors tend to be a little more reserved for grey homes than for white, the opportunity for color is there. The most popular colors for grey houses include light browns, reds, and even more complex patterns like tigerwood.

Visualize Your Deck Color Before You Sign

Since color plays such a crucial role in your deck, we work with our clients to ensure their deck color – as well as their total deck style — meets their lofty expectations. After all, you only have one chance to build your dream deck, so at Keystone Custom Decks we ensure it’s perfect. In order to help clients make the best choices possible, we provide a full 3D rendering of every project, before the papers are ever signed. We also supply physical samples of ANY decking boards you’re considering. Combining the 3D model for a sense of the total project with real physical samples can’t be beat.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get a quote and start planning your dream deck!

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