Most Popular Patio Materials

October 16, 2019

Whether as a standalone space or in combination with a custom deck, patios are a fantastic outdoor living design choice. While homeowners know all about how they’ll use their hardscape, they tend to not know quite as much about the main patio materials on the market — and the difference they make to their outdoor spaces.

Homeowners come to us at Keystone Custom Decks with their questions, ideas, and dreams for their one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces. In this blog we’re going to explore the most popular patio materials we build with and show you gorgeous examples of each. Learn about the 3 main patio surface options and find the one that matches your style and budget.

3 Main Patio Surface Options

The primary patio surface options we offer are flagstones, pavers, and stamped concrete. Each of these materials can make for truly standout spaces, but there are pros and cons to each that you’ll have to weigh. Let’s break down each of the materials and see just how amazing they can look!

1. Flagstone Patio

flagstone patio surface options

Our premier pick among patio surface options, flagstones have an unparalleled beauty and a ton of practical advantages that make them a breeze to own. As a natural product, flagstone patios come in a huge variety of colors and patterns that can create both modern and rustic styles. In addition, since flagstones have been weathering the elements for all-time, they won’t fade or lose their color like some man-made materials. Homeowners also love seeing the individual stones that make up their patio surface.


  • Natural product
  • Versatile look
  • No color fading
  • Easy to clean


  • A more costly patio material

2. Paver Patios

paver patio surface options

Just like flagstones, paver patios are made of individual pieces placed together to form the patio surface. The pavers themselves are made of a concrete material that can be finished with a smooth or rough and rustic texture.

Compared to flagstones, these patio materials require more careful maintenance as you can’t use a pressure washer when cleaning the surface. On the other hand, one final benefit of paver patios is that they cost approximately 30% less than flagstones.


  • Great price point
  • Different textures
  • Look of individual pavers
  • Resists cracking and weed growth


  • Harder to clean
  • Most people prefer the natural flagstone look

Which is right for you? A deck, a patio, or both — read more to find out!

3. Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete patio surface options

This popular patio surface option is a bit different from the others as it’s not made of individual pieces, but a continuous slab of concrete instead. While it isn’t made of real stone, stamped concrete can actually boast the most diverse range of styles and colors. Everything from bold red hues to slate grays are an option — there’s even a concrete pattern that mirrors the planks of a boardwalk! In addition, stamped concrete is a good budget patio surface option, costing slightly less than pavers. And another plus to stamped concrete: cleaning it off is easy as you can use a pressure washer without concern!

There are a few practical concerns with stamped concrete that require homeowners to remain extra diligent with maintenance. Stamped concrete patios need to be re-sealed every other year to prevent moisture from infiltrating. In addition, stamped concrete is very likely to crack during its lifespan — when we install this type of patio material, we also build expansion joints in to limit the impact of cracking.


  • Among the most affordable patio materials
  • Huge range of colors and patterns
  • Easy to clean


  • Cracking is likely at some point
  • Needs frequent re-sealing
  • Isn’t made of individual stones

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3D Renderings Always Available

Our 3D renderings are some of the most effective tools in designing the outdoor space you’ll love for decades to come. Work with a Keystone Custom Decks designer to bring every single element of your space to life, including the patio material. If you’re deciding between flagstones, pavers, or stamped concrete, you can see how all three options look before making your final choice.

This is why we offer 3D renderings to every potential client along with every quote. We want you to see your house, complete with the space of your dreams!

Learn more about our 3D deck design software.

Learn about Your Patio Material Choices and More

The first step to your finished project is a conversation. Reach out to one of our exterior designers today to discuss your patio material options — and your complete deck, porch, or patio project.
If you’d like to see some of our designs in-person, we’d recommend a visit to our Lancaster County outdoor living inspiration center. Learn more and schedule your visit today!

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