Modern Decking Designs, Trends, and Options

March 1, 2018

Outdoor living is more popular than ever before — and modern deck designs are becoming more artistic and creative. From striking color combinations like a stunning gold-colored deck coordinated to a tan-sided house, to unique touches like a 200-year-old piece of reclaimed wood incorporated into a stunning 21st-century porch. The sky is the limit for modern deck designs!

Discover the hot decking and outdoor living design trends — and some eye-catching options you can bring home with your new deck, porch, or patio.

Modern Decking Pictures and Trends

Check out these showpiece renovations — and imagine how you and Keystone Custom Decks can transform your outdoor spaces.

Clean Lines and Slim Railing Systems

One of the hallmarks of modern design, deck patterns that create thin and sleek lines are delighting homeowners everywhere. That sleek aesthetic also extends to the components and deck railings as well. While a typical wooden railing can seem bulky, these slender metal railing systems create an unobtrusive profile.
In addition, modern color palettes incorporating darker grey and black shades are being used to spectacular effect.
Learn more about deck railing systems.

Two Story Decks

While one stunning outdoor living area is great — two is even better. Turning the area below an elevated deck into a second gorgeous space is a popular trend that we love, especially when adding on to new builds. In order to keep the lower area dry from rain, a simple yet effective drain system is installed in the elevated deck. This option is a natural match for homes that feature walkout basements. Check out the possibilities.

Rustic Modern Styling

For those who love the marriage of the old and new, modern rustic decks incorporate farmhouse styling or real reclaimed wood into a fully 21st-century design. We’ve installed 200-year-old reclaimed timber from local barns as accents, fireplace mantles, and more, creating a truly custom deck or porch.

Less Maintenance

People want to work less and enjoy their decks more. That’s why the vast majority of modern porch and deck construction trends use composite decking. While traditional wood decks and porches require frequent repainting, staining, and other maintenance, composite decking is nearly maintenance free. The only care it requires is the occasional wash with dish soap and a hose. No wonder it’s such a favorite.

Read our blog Composite Decking: Your Dream Deck Material to learn more about the maintenance advantages of composite decking.

Complementary Colors

For suburban homes, the trend when designing a deck or a porch is to match the siding color to a complementary color in the same family. While some homeowners choose to go for a sharp contrast, the majority of what we design is a deck that coordinates with the siding color. Notice how this gold colored deck enhances the gorgeous tan

Smooth Transitions Between Porches and Deck

Can’t decide between a stunning deck and a stellar porch? You aren’t alone. Combining both popular spaces has become a great choice for homeowners who want the best of both worlds.In addition, our designers pay precise attention to ensuring that the transition between the spaces is as seamless as possible.

Atmospheric Lighting Throughout

The lighting scheme of a deck is now used to create a general ambiance or atmosphere throughout the entire area — rather than just brightening a few specific spots.

Ambitious, Creative Designs

More than anything, outdoor living designs have gotten bigger, more creative, and more ambitious — and we love it. Homeowners are no longer satisfied with putting up a bland rectangle deck and calling it a day. More and more, the goal is to build spectacular spaces that are personalized to the family’s lifestyle. That can look like an entertainment center set up under a covered porch or a gourmet outdoor kitchen and dining space. Homeowners know that the right decks, porches, and patios are a whole new part of their home — one that brings their house outside to the great outdoors.

Custom Deck Builders

We love working with our clients to design and build the deck of their dreams. No matter your style and no matter your vision, the talented designers at Keystone Custom Decks will help you realize your vision — and make it come true. Along with every quote, we provide each potential customer a full 3D rendering, so they can visualize the style of their dream deck before we begin building. Contact us today to have a conversation about your outdoor living style — and to receive your free quote and 3D rendering.

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