Rustic Deck and Porch Ideas

January 24, 2019

Rustic decks and porches are earning popularity nationwide — and with their gorgeous colors and unique materials, it isn’t hard to see why. These outdoor living spaces boast all of the modern features and convenience you’d expect, with a gorgeous look reminiscent of the past.

At Keystone Custom Decks, we specialize in building upscale outdoor living spaces, and we have amazing examples that are both modern and rustic. Designing a rustic porch or deck affords you just as many options to customize and personalize your dream outdoor space as any of our other luxurious designs. If you love a timeless feel, explore these rustic deck and porch ideas. Your inspiration is waiting!

6 Hallmarks of Rustic Porches and Decks

Achieving an authentic rustic aesthetic requires more than just picking from an earthy color palate. Everything from the materials to the design styles contributes to the unique decor you crave. Here are 6 standout rustic porch and deck ideas that you can incorporate into your project.

  1. Reclaimed Materials — To earn the feel of the past, use real materials from it. One of the most popular rustic porch ideas today involves using real reclaimed materials as accents in your project. As long as the materials are still in good condition, they add a true touch of the past — and a look you can’t get anywhere else.reclaimed materials on rustic porchSee how this composite deck design used pieces of mushroom wood — from real mushroom growing beds — to mount ornate light fixtures. These pieces of antique lumber add a truly distinct character and epitomize one of the most popular rustic deck and porch ideas.
  2. New Materials Made to Look Rustic — Since you won’t be able to build your entire project using reclaimed materials, you’ll need to find new materials that match your rustic style. Fortunately, composite deck boards are available in a wide range of styles and materials on rustic deckSee how the deck boards on this new project possess the character of weathered old barnwood, despite being a brand-new, maintenance-free product.
  3. Color Schemes — Color tells the story of the character of your custom deck. If you want to build a truly rustic outdoor living space, you’ll want to explore colors that create an earthy feel. Some of the most popular hues to achieve this style include deep browns, light tans, and crème colored white shades.rustic deck and porch ideas for chester springs paNotice how this show-stopping rustic deck and porch combo employs a color palate of dark brown posts, crème colored siding, and light brown deck boards. Plus, admire how the built-in hot tub highlights the marriage of rustic style and modern fun.
  4. Exposed Beams — This is one of the most iconic rustic porch ideas — and one of the most beautiful as well. Since old buildings were often unfinished on the inside with the beams exposed, homeowners are beginning to love that look for their rustic porches as well.rustic porch design with exposed beamsA highlight of olden times, these striking exposed beams showcase the rustic aesthetic immediately. In addition, the gorgeous beams in this project are genuine reclaimed barnwood from a local property.
  5. Historical Artifacts — Designing a custom porch or deck with character is all about the little details that highlight your personality. One of the most exciting rustic porch design ideas involves using genuine historical items as a centerpiece of the design. Think of this rustic deck design idea like taking reclaimed materials to the next level.rustic deck design with jack daniels whiskey barrels This showpiece porch made brilliant use of real, aged Jack Daniels whiskey barrels as supports for their outdoor bar. That is just one of the gorgeous touches that make this whole project a masterclass in rustic porch design.
  6. Traditional Style Stones — A building material synonymous with rustic deck design, stones are a staple of most rustic porches and spaces. Even when deciding on stone, you have a whole catalog of choices. However, to build that truly traditional look, you’ll want to use field stones, which are larger and flatter. This masonry type creates that essential farmhouse look for your outdoor space.rustic deck with traditional style stonesSee how these classic field stones create a unique rustic flair on an otherwise fairly modern deck.

Explore Our Project Gallery Featuring Rustic Deck Designs

Learning about the essential rustic deck and porch ideas is a fantastic way to start planning your own one-of-a-kind outdoor space. Another great way to learn about the design possibilities for both modern and rustic decks is to explore our project gallery. You can look through hundreds of unique projects and find the style that speaks to you.

Bring Your Dream Deck to Life

If you’re feeling inspired by these rustic porches and decks, we’re the team to bring your dream to life. Our custom deck builders have decades of experience building luxury outdoor spaces — in a wide variety of styles.

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact us to schedule an in-person meeting with one of our designers. We’ll meet with you, discuss your vision, and provide you with a full 3D rendering of your current home complete with the rustic porch or deck you’ve always wanted. Let us help you bring your dream outdoor space to life!

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