Outdoor Deck Design Ideas that Enhance Your Yard

February 26, 2019

Outdoor Deck Design Ideas that Enhance Your Yard

Your deck will be the star of your backyard space — there’s little doubt about that. Ground level or elevated, the elegant look and big profile of your deck will stand out in the best way possible. However, your lawn and yard features are beautiful, too — and you don’t want to hide them. The best outdoor deck design ideas don’t compete with your yard — instead, they enhance it.

At Keystone Custom Decks, we work with our clients to build showpiece decks that make their homes and gardens more exceptional. See some of our outdoor deck design ideas that bring out the beauty in your yard and your green spaces.

5 Backyard Deck Designs to Highlight Your Green Space

The luxury deck, porch, or patio you build is meant to last for decades. Connecting visually as well as practically to the rest of your space is a cornerstone of good deck design. Here are 5 of our favorite backyard deck designs that smoothly connect your outdoor living space to your yard.

1. An Overlook

If you have a gorgeous yard, you’ll want to admire it — makes sense. One of the best outdoor deck design ideas that makes use of your yard is building an overlook. Plan a lounge space with unobtrusive railings that gives ample views of the natural beauty all around. This stunner even includes a hot tub as part of its overlook feature.

outdoor deck design with overlook

2. Vertical Movement

This is a backyard deck design that we incorporate into elevated decks. To make sure the high deck feels stylistically connected to the ground below, we like to see a series of vertical landscaping features such as trees and bushes. These features create a smooth line of sight from yard to elevated deck and succeed in blurring the lines between the two. Notice how this elaborate landscaping allows the deck to flow together as one.

backyard deck design with vertical movement

3. Matching Materials, Motifs, & Colors

The most successful backyard deck designs look like they have been there the whole time. One of the best compliments as a custom deck builder is when guests can’t tell what’s original and what’s added on. A great way to enhance that sense of design continuity is by matching the materials or colors used in the yard with those of the deck. See how this project subtly matches the potted plants and cool colors of the deck to the boulders and yard plants.

backyard deck design matching the yard

4. Standout Staircase

One of the most essential outdoor deck design ideas for elevated spaces involves using the staircase as both a practical and stylistic connection. A grand staircase creates the fluidity of motion that makes luxury deck designs so sophisticated. This gorgeous Caribbean redwood staircase brings the deck color scheme to the ground level — as well as balances the pergola on the right side of the design.

elevated deck design with grand staircase

See more elevated deck designs.

5. Great Yard Spaces

Your custom deck is going to be fantastic — your yard needs to be as well. Our final backyard deck design idea to maximize your yard is to make your yard amazing on its own. Whether that’s an outstanding landscaping job or just another way to enjoy your yard, the effort goes a long way. That can look like something as simple as a hammock between two trees or as complex as a fully-developed landscaping scheme — whatever you choose will help balance your deck with your yard. See how this landscaping design completes the deck décor — and looks beautiful on its own.

backyard deck design with landscaping

3D Renderings of Your Outdoor Space

An exciting way to plan your backyard deck and landscape design is to see it. That’s why the designers at Keystone Custom Decks show full 3D renderings to every customer before a contract is ever signed. These renderings show your existing home and yard complete with the deck of your dreams.

This allows you to know you’ll love your space for decades to come before we ever cut any deck boards. We offer our rendering for free on every project. See some of our 3D deck renderings next to their final projects.

Bring Your Outdoor Deck Design Ideas to Life

Every single one of the decks we build begins in the same way: a conversation with an expert Keystone Custom Decks designer. Whether you have some outdoor deck design ideas already or you’re still in the early stages, we’d love to have a conversation. Our designers will help you develop your vision and show you everything that’s possible.

Contact us today to start the conversation.

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