Does Composite Decking Get Hot? And Other FAQs

March 13, 2019

composite decking temperature issues


Composite decking is the premier deck material for the 21st century. It boasts a gorgeous look available in a broad spectrum of colors and lasts a lifetime, requiring little maintenance.

While it's known that there are upsides to composite decking, of course, there are downsides too. One question we often hear from homeowners is: Does composite decking get hot?

We understand composite decking temperature concerns — after all, your deck will often be in direct sunlight.

So, does composite decking get hot in direct sunlight?

While early composite decks were susceptible to temperature and did get notoriously hot, new composite decking materials are much more resistant to heat. High-quality modern composite boards don't become hotter than traditional wooden deck boards. In addition, the lighter the color of the composite deck boards you choose, the cooler they will stay in direct sunlight.

Keep reading for answers to more composite deck questions from your expert deck builder.

5 Essential Composite Decking FAQs


heat resistant composite decking


Composite decking has essentially replaced both wood and vinyl as the premier material for most new deck installations. It has an upscale look homeowners crave, a legendary lifespan, and never needs to be stained or painted like wooden decks.

However, a new deck is a big purchase, and homeowners want to know everything they can. The most common question is whether composite decking gets hot in direct sunlight — however, we've heard other questions, and we're here to help answer them.


  1. Is composite decking really maintenance-free? — Composite decking is entirely immune to the rot and mold that destroys most wooden decks. As a result, composite decks don't need to be re-sealed or re-stained every year to keep the damage at bay. While composite doesn't require super-involved or time-consuming maintenance, you'll still want to keep it clean, so the occasional sweep or washdown may be necessary to keep your deck looking great. Learn more about wood vs. composite decks.
  2. Can I paint my composite deck? — NO! Painting a composite deck would cause severe damage. Although the composite boards have the look of wood, they aren't! Since composite decks don't lose their color over time, you won't need to worry about painting them to keep them looking fresh — they remain beautiful on their own.
  3. How do you clean composite decking? — Once again, composite means easy. To keep a composite deck clean, you must sweep the debris and hose off the dirt. You don't need to — and shouldn't ever — use harsh cleaning chemicals on your composite deck. Water (and sometimes a mild soap) will do the trick.
  4. How to remove snow from composite decking? — Since composite deck boards are water-repellent, you don't need to worry about moisture kick-starting mold growth. However, you'll want to carefully clear the winter weather off your deck. Use a soft-edged shovel or a broom to remove snow from your deck — a metal-edged shovel can actually scratch and cut the deck boards. Learn more about how to remove snow and ice from composite.
  5. Are composite decks slippery? — This is a misconception. While composite decks are not slippery in texture, vinyl or PVC decks, have been reported to have this feeling. If you have any other questions, asking is the best way to get answers. Give us a call, send us an email, or chat with us right now.


Ways to Reduce Composite Decking Temperature Issues


While modern composite decks aren't as susceptible to temperature issues, you can still do a few things to keep your outdoor living space cool on even the hottest summer days.

To keep your deck even cooler when it's sitting in direct sunlight, you can choose a lighter shade of decking color, as darker colors heat up faster. We offer a wide selection of deck colors in all hues—see more deck choices and popular deck color schemes.

Another critical way to keep cool? Make sure you have a space for shade. Whether that's a pergola or a covered porch, many great outdoor living spaces include a way to get out of the sun while still enjoying the serenity of the outdoors.

See some stunning covered back porch designs.


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