Deck Decorating Ideas for Big or Small Spaces

November 14, 2019

Deck Decorating Ideas for Big or Small Spaces

So, you’re planning a brand-new deck, porch or patio which will bring life to your backyard. While the deck design itself is a matter best left to the experts, decorations are the perfect place to show off your creativity. Although decorating a deck is a matter of personal taste — and complimenting your space — these are great deck decorating ideas for almost any project.

We’re covering the essentials such as outdoor furniture, transporting indoor living room pieces outside, and much more! Plus, if you also have a patio included with your project, you might need some patio decorating ideas on a budget, so that you’re not overwhelmed by the cost of furnishing both areas at the same time. Once you’ve gotten your imagination running, the next step is a conversation with the Keystone team. We’d love to design and build with you!

Deck and Patio Ideas

There are literally tons of ideas you could use for decorating your deck or your patio, and it just depends on how bold you are, as well as how your personal tastes happen to run. Some of the deck decorating ideas mentioned below may appeal to you, and if so, you can try them out for a while to see how they work in your surroundings.

  • Privacy Options — If you’re the type who likes to relax in privacy, this is essential. Privacy options come in all shapes and sizes. We can build privacy structures and walls into your space — or you can add options after the space is completed. For example, you could purchase some mature evergreens to surround the deck that allow you to enjoy yourself in seclusion. You can also buy inexpensive portable privacy screens. It all comes back to matching your style.
  • Deck and Patio Furniture — The essential deck decorating idea — good furniture is an absolute necessity. If you know what type of outdoor furniture you plan on using, we can incorporate it into your 3D rendering! However, if you’re still hunting for the perfect furniture, you can make do by placing a waterproof fabric over a wicker chair and you’ll be able to comfortably kick back and relax, without having to worry about pulling your furniture inside when the next rain comes through.
  • Install a Lattice — If you’d like to present the illusion of a wall on one side of your deck, you can install a matching lattice, and then plant some climbing roses or perhaps clematis. Within a couple years, you’ll have a beautiful backdrop to your deck, as well as a wonderful fragrance. While this isn’t as popular as it once was, this is an interesting built-in deck decorating touch to try.
  • Develop a Color Scheme — Establishing a solid color scheme featuring one or two distinct colors will unify all the decorations on your deck presenting an appealing look to visitors. Even if you want to change some of the accents and accessories, this is a deck decorating idea to nail down before we start building.See more of our favorite deck color schemes.
  • Add a Little Water — If you enjoy the sound of running water or a babbling brook, why not install a water feature on your deck? The sound can be pleasant and hypnotic, and it can add a real touch of class and beauty to your deck area. Even better, water features come in a multitude of different styles and sizes.
  • Utilize Space Under the Deck — If you’ve installed a raised deck, at six feet or more above ground, you’ll have room to make use of the area underneath the deck. Not only will this avoid wasting the space, but it will give you twice as much area to work with for entertaining.
  • Hang Some Wall Art — You should feel free to decorate the walls around your deck in the same way that you would your interior walls. Place some pieces of artwork that you admire on the lattice, or on any walls adjacent to the house itself. It will enhance the artistic appeal of your deck and give you a focal point for your relaxation time.If you’re the type to prefer TV over art, we have the perfect solution for you: a Skyvue Outdoor TV.

Build Your Dream Deck with Keystone

As much as these deck decorating ideas can kick start your imagination — there’s no substitute for seeing other dream-come-true projects.

Check out our project gallery and get inspired!

When Keystone Custom Decks builds your dream project for you, it will last a lifetime, bringing both aesthetic value and practical usage to your whole family. Contact a Keystone Custom Decks representative today, to discuss having the perfect custom deck added on to your home, so you can enjoy a taste of outdoor living during the warm season.

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