5 Deck Shade Ideas

August 21, 2019

Feeling the warmth of the sun and working on your tan are some of the most relaxing ways to enjoy your deck. Really, there’s nothing better! However, everyone needs a break from the beating sun sometimes. These 5 fabulous deck shade ideas give you the sun protection you want with a style that enhances your deck décor.

At Keystone Custom Decks, we’re the Lancaster and Chester county deck builder who specializes in state-of-the-art outdoor living spaces. Every feature and facet on one of our spaces is designed to create the one-of-a-kind style that homeowners love. Discover all of your deck shade options, explore some of our most beautiful finished projects, and find the deck shade ideas you’ll bring to your own dream space.

deck shade options

Our Most Popular Deck Shade Options

The days of the whole family hanging out underneath a faded plastic umbrella are over. Modern deck covers for shade are both effective sun shields and the showpiece features that make your deck stand out. From sleek and stylish pergolas to full-covered porches, these are your best deck shade options:

1. Pergolas

pergola deck shade option

Pergolas boast an unmatched elegance and are an increasingly popular inclusion for countless decks. While the lattice roof of a standard pergola only provides partial shade from the sun, custom pergolas can offer full coverage. Whether that’s a custom 100% shade pergola or one with retractable shade, these outdoor structures are more than up to the task of shading your deck. Plus, pergolas are a fantastic shade option for homeowners who want to protect a fairly large area from the sun without building a big full protection structure.

See more decks with pergolas.

2. Umbrellas

umbrella deck shade option

Sometimes simple is all you need — and the right umbrella can really go a long way. The umbrellas our customers often choose to accessorize with are made of sturdy, weather-resistant cloth and they come free-standing or attached to an outdoor table. In addition to offering great coverage, this deck shade option provides a crucial pop of bold color to your outdoor style, too.

3. Gazebos

gazebo deck shade idea

Coverage meets comfort. Gazebos are a fantastic deck shade idea for homeowners who want to add a focal point to their decks. The secluded feel of a gazebo makes them one of the most popular places to sit and talk with a friend or just quietly read a book to unwind. While you may associate gazebos with an antique style, we’ve built gazebos that range from classic to modern.

4. Under the Deck

shade under the deck

Elevated and two-story decks are something of a specialty at Keystone Custom Decks. One of the hidden advantages of an elevated deck is all of the space underneath the top floor. We build these underside deck alcoves to be just as luxurious as the space above. Not only do they provide you ample extra space for your outdoor gatherings, they are also some of the best deck shade options our clients have ever seen. Think about it like this — you get one whole story to take in the sun…and a whole other level to bask in the shade.

Check out our wildly-popular elevated deck designs.

5. Covered Porches

covered porch deck shade idea

Covered porches stand out as some of the most complete deck shade ideas we create. One of our most popular outdoor design schemes involves splitting the deck down the middle: one half works as an exposed sundeck while the other half is shaded by a covered porch. Not only do the porches we build block the sun, they are meant to have the feel of any other living room — just outdoors! We work with our clients to create covered back porch designs that include every amenity they could imagine — from outdoor televisions, to fireplaces, and so much more.

Complete 3D Renderings of Your Project

We know that every detail matters on your dream outdoor space, from the color to the unique deck shade ideas. That’s why we provide each homeowner with a full 3D rendering of what their project will look like when finished.

These exclusive 3D renderings showcase your current home, complete with the outdoor living space of your dreams. Since this is such an essential tool to help you visualize your project, we include it for free with every quote — before a contract is ever signed.

Bring Your Dream Deck & Deck Shade Ideas to Life

With the right deck shade ideas, you’ll appreciate both those beautiful summer afternoons lounging in the sun AND getting away from it for a few minutes to take in the shade. If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start building, you’re in the right place. At Keystone Custom Decks, we’ll bring your picture-perfect outdoor living space to life complete with all of the shaded areas you need for entertainment and relaxation.

The first step to creating your outdoor living oasis is always a conversation. Reach out today to discuss deck shade options, your budget, and your personal style. Contact us to get started!

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