Decks with Pergolas Idea Gallery

May 30, 2019

Decks with pergolas are a timeless outdoor living combo — from your own neighborhood to the taste-makers on HGTV! The pergola adds a vertical dimension to the deck surface while also giving you a natural seating area you and your guests can use.

From a small accent to the centerpiece of your space, you have a variety of pergola designs for patios and decks to explore. Check out the photos of — and ideas behind — some of our favorite decks with pergolas!

5 Fantastic Pergola Designs for Decks & Patios

pergola designs for decks

When you’re in the planning stages of outdoor design, you’re looking for all of the different ways to make your outdoor living space truly your own. Adding a pergola onto your deck or patio is one of the many ways to elevate it from standard to stunning. These showstopping pergola designs for decks all have a story and design philosophy behind them!

1. Seating Area Pergola

One of the classic pergola designs for a deck. In this style of design, half the deck surface is open while the other half is covered by a striking pergola. Visually, this style adds a vertical profile to the otherwise unbroken look of the deck — while the white vinyl really pulls together the look of the house and window trim.

seating area pergola

2. Accent Vinyl Pergola

Minimalist. Decorative. And totally essential to the unique style of this deck. While this accent pergola design might not offer the most shade, it makes up for it in the style department with true eye-catching appeal. Accent pergolas serve the purpose of enhancing a space through either a matching or contrasting color — or with the unique shape or design. This pergola does both.

accent vinyl pergola design

3. Full-Coverage Shade Pergola

This StruXure louvered pergola is as functional as it is beautiful. Another popular way to incorporate a pergola on a deck, a shade pergola provides far better protection from direct sun, making your seating area comfortable every single day. This intense dark-colored pergola adds a visual flair to the otherwise earthy-brown deck.

full-coverage shade pergola design

Learn more about popular deck color schemes.

4. Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

One of the big trends in modern deck design, outdoor kitchens are becoming a must-have feature in so many projects. When you want to highlight your built-in bar and kitchen, you pair them with an attractive pergola. That’s the philosophy behind this Douglas Fir pergola design.

outdoor kitchen pergola design

5. Multiple Pergolas

Decks with multiple pergolas are earning their place in the outdoor style spotlight. Generally, this trend is enacted by pairing a smaller accent pergola on a feature of the deck — while also having a primary seating area pergola. In this project, the pergolas pair together to form a type of perimeter around the entire space.

multiple pergola design for deck

Deck Design Backed by 3D Rendering

Bold ideas and designs sometimes need to be seen to be believed. That’s why every single one of our custom deck, porch, and patio projects starts with a full 3D rendering to showcase how the project will look alongside your house. Before you ever sign a contract and before we ever cut a board, we want you to be 100% certain you’ll LOVE your project!

Our software provides our designers with the tools to render and show you your project from every angle. This gives our designers and homeowners the freedom to experiment with emerging ideas, including some of these pergola designs.

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Free Quotes on Decks with Pergolas

When you’re ready to start the conversation about your new deck, porch, patio, or other outdoor living space, schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our designers. Whether you want a deck with a pergola or something totally different, they can guide you through your design choices — and create a unique space your whole family will love and use every day. Our designers have years of experience envisioning and crafting the one-of-a-kind spaces that complete beautiful homes.

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