The Most Popular Deck Styles in 2019

July 29, 2019

Outdoor living has never been hotter or more tailored to your individual tastes. Not only can you find countless gorgeous decks, dramatic porches, and inviting patios — but you’ll also find the exact style that speaks to your tastes! Explore the most popular deck styles in 2019 and discover a project that epitomizes each of these diverse backyard deck ideas.

At Keystone Custom Decks, we’re the custom deck builder with decades of experience crafting outdoor spaces that are not only stunning on their own but showcase the unique style of the homeowner. The first step to building your own showpiece space is to find your style — let’s get started with the most popular deck styles in 2019!

Standout Backyard Deck Ideas & Aesthetics

Modern, rustic, and contemporary — these are the primary deck styles to consider when getting started on your design journey. However, just because you primarily gravitate towards one aesthetic doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements from others — some of the very best backyard deck ideas pull from multiple styles!

The best way to find out what you like is to see examples of the best in every style:

Modern Style Deck

modern deck style

The main hallmark of this increasingly popular deck design style is the clean, no-frills look. Modern backyard decks are often easily identified by these traits:

  • Angular, Geometric Shapes — These features create a distinct profile while also providing added usable space (after all, functionality is big in modern design).
  • Modern Accessories — The streamlined modern style applies just as much to the accessories on your deck as well — from a simple, no-frills pergola to the furniture and ceiling fans.
  • Darker Color Palette — You’ll find that dark grays, blacks, and cooler tones are the main choices for the modern style.
  • Simple Stonework — Although masonry is more typically associated with a more classic look, some modern decks make use of it, too. However, you’ll find a simpler kind of style in modern stonework. Learn more about modern deck design.

Rustic Style Deck

rustic deck style

If you appreciate the backyard deck ideas that put you in touch with an era long gone, then a rustic style deck is right for you. These are the identifying factors of this ever-popular deck style:

  • Earthy Brown Color Palette — In contrast to the cool hues of a modern deck, the rustic style features a generally earthy brown color palette. This matches well with a wide-variety of homes — not just rustic ones.
  • Reclaimed Wood & Other Materials — One of the main ways that the classic old barn style is accomplished is through the use of real reclaimed material. This lends an authentic feel to your space and provides you a genuine one-of-a-kind-feature. Some of our projects have featured reclaimed wood from hundred-year-old barn posts and Jack Daniel’s barrels.
  • Exposed Beams — The most popular deck styles also include the most popular porch styles, too. One of the best-loved rustic traits for porches involves showing exposed wooden beams on covered porches.
  • Ornate Lighting Fixtures — As a contrast to the simple functionality of a modern accessory, the lighting on a rustic style deck tends to be very ornate.
  • Older Stone — Stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world, and it evokes the feeling of the olden days. As a contrast to the simple look of modern masonry, rustic backyard decks often use field stones, which have a distinctly ornate and colorful look. See some more hallmark rustic deck and porch ideas.

Contemporary Style Deck

contemporary deck style

A hybrid style between rustic and modern, this aesthetic is an excellent option for almost every home. That versatility alone makes this one of the most popular deck styles in 2019. These are the design traits that you can expect from contemporary spaces:

  • Primarily Clean Lines — The contemporary style generally feature simple structures and clean lines more similar to a modern deck.
  • Balanced Color Palette — The color schemes for a contemporary deck won’t be as extreme as true modern or rustic options. Instead, you can expect to see warm browns and white trim.
  • Blending of Rustic Elements — Contemporary spaces will often feature a handful of rustic, eye-catching touches along with the somewhat modern structure. One of the most popular ways to incorporate these elements is through the exposed beams above a covered porch. See more covered porch ideas making style headlines.

Bringing the Popular Deck Styles to Life

At Keystone Custom Decks, we a build an incredibly wide variety of decks, bringing all of the most popular deck styles to life for our clients. Every single project we build begins the same way: with a conversation. Our exterior designers work hand-in-hand with homeowners to discover their personal style and to create the backyard deck ideas that match. Along with every single proposal and quote, we include a full 3D rendering that features your current home complete with your dream outdoor space.

The first step to getting your quote and your 3D rendering is to reach out. Whether you give us a call, stop by our showroom, or send us an email, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to start the conversation today!

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